Boxes with roses and tulips

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Send beautiful long stem roses to Peru. Boxed premium roses to Lima Peru. Floral delivery service to peruvian cities in Lima, Arequipa, Chiclayo, Iquitos, Tacna, Trujillo, Cusco, Huancayo, Piura, Cajamarca, Tarapoto.

Box with 6 tulips

PROM: Box with 12 roses + Belgian Chocolates 200g + medium balloon

Box with 6 roses + Chocolate truffles


Box with 12 roses

Box with 6 roses + Baci Bombons + medium balloon


My Fiancee


Box with 6 roses

Box with 24 roses

Box with 12 roses + Ferrero Rocher bombons 100g

box with roses, king kong san roque

White box with 12 roses + Tinkay Alfajores

Box with 6 roses + King Kong San Roque


Box with 12 tulips