Add Wine and Liquors

Wine & liquors

Make your flowers more special  !

Join your roses and flowers with a bottle of wine specially selected or most popular liquors. The products of this section are additional to flower arrangements and gifts, can not be sold by their own. IS FORBIDEN THE SELLING OF WINES AND LIQUORS TO UNDER 18 YEARS OLD. DRINKING LIQUORS IN EXCESS CAN BE HARMFUL

Champagne Primado Queirolo

Red Wine Tabernero Malbec

Champagne Primadona Queirolo

Tabernero Cabernet Sauvignon

French Red Wine J.P Chenet

Black Tower White Wine - Germany

Asti Riccadonna - Italy

Red Wine Navarro Correas

Espumante Asti Cinzano 750ml

Martini Asti Sparkling

Baileys Irish Cream

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Chivas Regal Whisky